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  • Chorus: My Lord Jesus, I’ll worship you forever, I will sing only your praise all my life. 1. I have no defeat in my life, Always victory. In every pain and hardship is your peace.(2) How can I forget your love, my Jesus 2. This is not a useless life, this precious creation of yours, Kindness, mercy and grace have become my gift.(2) How can I forget you love, my Jesus?

    To you, My Lord Jesus

  • Chorus: Wash me, Jesus, with that blood.(2) I’m a sinner, forget my sins.(2) Wash me with your precious blood.(2) Chorus: Wash me Jesus… In a place called Calvary, Jesus shed his blood.(2) Taking all my burden he saved me.(2) I will not forget, I will not (2) Chorus: Wash me, Jesus, with that blood…. Bearing all the pains of the Cross,(2) Being obedient ’til death,(2) In lieu of my sins, He gave me priceless salvation(2) I will not forget, I will not. Chorus: Wash me Jesus…

    Wash Me with Your Blood

  • 1. To receive grace and compassion, To receive in times of need, Approaching near God, Let us beseech Him. 2. To receive forgiveness and healing, To receive courage in despair, Approaching near God, Let us fall at His feet. 3. To know God’s will, To receive blessings and anointing, Approaching near God Let us cry to God.

    To Receive Grace and Compassion

  • Hosanna, King of kings. Hosanna, Lord of lords,(2) We lift up,(2) We declare you King.(2) Hosanna, King of kings. Hosanna, Lord of lords, We praise you.(2) We declare you King.(3) Hosanna, King of kings. Hosanna, Lord of lords!

    Hosanna to the King of Kings

  • Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.(2) Give us this day Our daily bread. Forgive us our debts (2) As we have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from the evil one. For yours is the Kingdom, power and glory, Forever and ever Amen

    Our Father in Heaven

  • Chorus: We’re children (*3) of Christ We praise you, glorify you, and worship Him. We will obey our parents, Because this is the first commandment with promise. Chorus: We’re Children (*3) of Christ…. Make your hearts clean like ours. You will receive prize in heaven. Chorus: We’re children(*3) of Christ….

    We Children

  • Chorus: Life giver, Caretaker What a beautiful world you made Creator -Ah- Ah- Ah 1.God created heavens and earth in the beginning Plants, flowers, trees, for land Lives in water and land. You looked. They were all beautiful Chorus: What a beautiful world you made. Creator -Ah- Ah- Ah (2) 2.Snowy mountain, green plains, Rivulets spring and savory falls Moon, stars you made and The beautiful birds that fly in the sky You looked. They were beautiful Creator -Ah -Ah -Ah

    Life Giver, Caretaker

  • Chorus: Carrying of flag of The cross of Jesus Christ on high.(2) Glory and praise be to the God of Heaven. Welcome and Jai mashi [Victory to Jesus] to all friends.(2) 1.Light created by the Father yesterday,(2) Our sins cleansed by The blood of Lord Jesus God gave us this gathering, Let us praise His name together.(2) 2.Father chose us from Thousands and millions(2) The Holy Spirit gave us new life. God gave us this gathering, Let us praise the Father of heaven.(2)

    Carrying the Flag of the Cross of Jesus Christ

  • Chorus: Rise and shine, Because your light has come, Lord’s gloryhas dawned on you, (2) Let’s live in Christ,young people, Becoming linht in the world.(2) As Jesus said,We are becoming the salt of the earth.(2) We are Christ’s army Many,many will come.(2) Filled with new passion, we’re bringing Christ’s message.(2) Chorus: Rise and shine, Because your light has come, The Lord’s glory has dawned on you.(2)

    Rise and Shine

  • Santo, santo, santo, Mi corazón te adora! Mi corazón te sabe decir: Santo eres Señor.

    Holy, Holy, Holy

  • Tamba, tamba, tamba. Ngay sem di gadrö ngang nay “Kyé-ni Göncho Tamba yin”, Shey nay döba pü.

    Holy, Holy, Holy

  • Sheng jie, sheng jie, sheng jie, Wo de xin, wo de xin cheng zan ni. Wo de xin gao xing de shuo zhe xie hua, Ni shi sheng jie, zhu.

    Holy, Holy, Holy